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    Unseen Forces by Robert Cauley will teach you how to put on the Whole Armour of God when fighting the Paranormal that invades your lives. No other book like it today.​​​​
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New! I have written a new piece called "Curses." It discusses how Christians and non-believers alike can carry around items that have a curse on them without knowing it. Also how owning an unclean item can cause deaths and destruction. All with scripture. Check it out on the "Exorcising Spirits Page!!!!!!!!!
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  Unseen Forces

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  Is my book Unseen Forces a Christian type of book?
​  "Yes," it is. When I wrote Unseen Forces I tried to write it without so many scriptures so it wouldn't confuse the ones that are not Christians. However, after proof reading it, the scriptures seemed to multiply right on the pages. I had no idea I put so many scriptures in the book.

  The entire outlook on the book Unseen Forces is that of seeing things a non-Christian would not see unless they read the Word of God and knew what the scriptures meant.
​  Pointing subjects out that has the devils ear marks on them, and how he uses these subjects, like our schools, the military, our government, hospitals, work places and others, is the focus of the book.

  As a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I tried to give a Christian view points on these subjects and others without being so overbearing to draw  the mind of the non-Christian to think about such subjects as "spirit" which is of an unseen world like our Savior Jesus Christ.
 ,  Christian Viewpoint:

​  To write the book Unseen Forces (a nonfiction) any other way, is just not possible for me, personally.
​  No matter what book it is that I write, it will always be a Christian book with Christian values for the Heroes. I can't say that about the villain.​ As I write today, I am almost through with a fictional book, where it too is a Christian book.


​  I use my experience in counseling and as Exorcist to write about the paranormal or what we used to call spiritualism, but my wife and I have had our experiences in another field of the paranormal and that is UFO’s.
  I have had a chance to see several flying objects that could be identified as flying disc. After the experience, it started me to thinking about the characteristics of both the flying objects and the alien who controls them.
  In my book Unseen Forces, I talk about these paranormal experiences as well. To me as a Minister of the Gospel I judge the behavior of these two entities against what the Bible says about their behavior. In my book there is a chapter called “Aliens or Demons.”
  On this web site I will use the belief of many concerning “Ancient Aliens” to show the empty belief of aliens being our creators as nonsense.