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Exorcism of Spirits

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Exorcism of Spirits

​ House Exorcism "Why can't I get spirits to leave my home?"
Before Entering:

  Casting out demons totally depend upon what you know and how close you are to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  Let us take first things first. 

  What do you know?

​  This is one of the main reasons why I wrote the book "Unseen Forces." A lot of Christians already know a fair amount of scripture and what it means, but not many know anything about Witchcraft, Satanism, Spells, Incantations, or demonic. Again this is the reason I wrote Unseen Forces. I wanted people to get their feet wet in all of these subjects.

  We need to take a hypothetical situation about a person who is an Exorcist.

  Before she enters a home that is possessed with spirits both human and demonic, she would need to get ready for the Battle ahead.

  An Exorcist must put on the "Whole Armor of God," because she will need it when she comes to Battle any demon spirit.

  You might think this attitude is child like, and it is not that important. If you think that, you better not go where there is a demon spirit, because you will loose the battle before you get started.

  First: You must have confidence that you are "saved." If you are not saved, you will not have the confidence that you have the POWER to Exorcise anything or anyone. The "Helmet of Salvation" means everything.

  Your mind set is that you are a "Warrior of God" and you are there to stop the ENEMY. 

​​Y​Anointing Oil:​​

  This is only my opinion about Holy Oil. But, you know me I don't like to get all scared up from Exorcising a demon that I have wrestled with before.

​  I like to use anointing oil that is as close to what the Bible says it should be. That way I am confident. I am not going to give a study in anointing oil so forget that.

  Some Exorcist use olive oil, then either get it blessed by a priest or minister, and that is alright if you have confidence in that direction.

​  However, I like to use the anointing oil with incense (some anointing oils have different smells that are used in the Bible. I usually get this oil from ordering off the Internet, then bless it for the purpose intended.

Enter The Room:
​  Once you enter the room, you can usually tell if there is any demonic there or not. Sometimes you can't, and if I can't ,I usually stop and recheck myself to see if there is something I missed. If I am not sensitive to an evil spirit, it is usually because I have missed something.

  The double edge sword, the Word of God is always with me in an Exorcism because I might need to read the Word of God to him to make the spirit pay attention or give some indication exactly where he is in the room. Some spirits leave altogether when the Word is read for a long period of time. Believe it or not, but it depends upon how you read the scriptures when Exorcising a spirit.

​  The Exorcist usually commands the spirit to leave the room, then the home, if he can all in the same breath. If the spirit doesn't want to leave, then the Exorcist has several options.

​  First, tell the demonic entity that you are about to give the entire room and house to the Lord, then start to anoint everything in the room, moving throughout the home. (The second option will need to wait)

​  Caution:
​  Before Exorcising the room or house you must get permission from the owners, if you should need to anoint the home and the things in it, that from that moment on the home belongs to the Lord. Should they feel the need to sell the home, they must first turn to the Lord and get His permission. The reason for this is when you anoint something in the Lords name, it then belongs to Him. (Exodus 30:25 and 40:9)

​  The Exorcist can play real Christian music in the room or in the home. Caution here about the instrument you use to play real Gospel music. It may not last too long. Unseen Forces have a habit of throwing temper tantrums.

​  What kind of Exorcist you want to come to your home and get rid of demonic entities makes a world of difference. I know it is hard, in fact very hard, to get a Christian Minister who believes in the exorcism of spirits to come to your home and help you.

​  However, please don't call a Wiccan Priest, a Shaman, a Voodoo Priest, or any who are similar to these. All it will do is cause you more problems than you are willing to encounter.

  The ENEMY can't stay where holy things exist. Now, there are other things that needs to be done in an Exorcism, and I will continue with these things as soon as I can.

  Quick Note:

  Some years ago people who wanted to know if there was unwanted spirits in their home used a can of powdered deodorant, spraying it on floors or mirrors lightly. After some time they would return to see if any writings appeared.

​  Houses, especially the old, has settling sounds such as popping, cracking, and such making some think they have unwanted visitors.

Exorcising Spirits is a subject that will grow over time just as many subjects I write about on this Web Page. However, for the present time I must try to give enough information on as many different subjects as I can. Later I will return and give much more as my time permits on the subjects I have already listed.
​  Any devil will make you doubt your salvation if you are not sure yourself. An evil spirit will know where your weaknesses are. If you are going into battle with him there should not be ANY DOUBT.

​  Without being saved you have no authority in the spirit realm. This is why many shamans, tarot card readers, and white witches has problems in keeping evil spirits away for good.

  The next thing you need to have with you is the "Word of God." Evil Spirits are stubborn, usually depending upon how long they have been in control of the item they are in.

  Although these two things are important when Exorcising spirits there is other things an Exorcist must do.

​  Before you enter into Battle with a evil spirit is to be "Clean." Demons are "Unclean Entities."

  "What do you mean I need to be clean?"

  Being clean means that you must shake anything off that will hinder your work.

​  Get before the Lord and ask forgivness of your SINS. Do not go before the Lord God and say something like "Lord forgive me of my sins,"

​  If you have ever been in a spiritual warfare with a demon you know you need to have everything right and nothing slacking. When you ask forgivness of your sins, don't rush through it. It took Christ a very long time to die for your sins, so don't use some quick link to asking forgivness.

​  Take time to name every sin you know you have before the Lord. If you really mean it when you ask for forgivness your heart strings will tighten, and tears might even show up.

​  Sometimes I have known Exorcist to have the need to not only cleanse themselves by asking forgivness of their sins truthfully and reverently but also had to cleans their clothes by anointing them with Holy Oil or Holy Water to keep the aggressive demon from attacking and hurting them.ou can edit t

 Meat Eaters vs Vegetarians

   Which is the best when fighting off demon spirits?

  Meat vs Veggies

   I do not mean to downgrade Vegetarians at all in this report. Many have their own reasons for going without meat, and I do not desire to counteract those reasons.

  However, many who are into witchcraft and Satanism of various sorts refrain from eating meats.

  To follow the scriptures concerning the eating of meats or not to eat meats is a task that is not easy because the commands of our diet in this way changes several times according to creation, and the behavior of man.

  In Genesis 1:29 we are told that we were to eat “herbs bearing seed” to eat just as if it were meat. In other words, the human body was then ready and acceptable to have herbs bearing seed for meat.

  In Genesis 2:16 we are told to eat of “every tree” in the Garden. Trees of course means to eat fruit.
To understand this properly, it wasn’t until the fall of man that the diet changed to eating meat. (Gen 9:4)


  Because there was something missing in the diet that allowed man to be weakened against spiritual temptations. Man would need all the help he could get to help ward of the attacks of evil spirits such as what happened to Adam and Eve in the garden. To ward off attacks from evil forces he would need protein and other supplements that arise after the meat has been cooked to the point the blood has been either cooked or evaporated by fire.

  As a has been Exorcist I have seen mediums, witches, and other spiritualist who was known to be vegetarians weaken so badly when working their craft. As a counselor I know of many who had already decided to be a vegetarian before going into witchcraft. If these unfortunate individuals stopped eating meat before making that decision to go into the Craft, it was because they weakened their ability to say “no” to whatever spiritual decisions were to be made beforehand.

  I know for a fact that a lack of protein will contribute to a low spiritual battle against the enemy the devil and his own. If you know of someone or even yourself who is going through a spiritual battle, even a sickness that the doctors can’t explain make sure they have enough protein in their diet to ward off the coming evil. You owe this to your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

  Let me say, if you were a witch or Satanist or anyone who wanted to serve evil you would want to get rid of anything that would come between you and your master, and that would be the eating of meats. Eating meats hurts the communicating between evil and the human because it is just one more thing that evil uses to hurt humans to get them to go against the Word of the Lord.

  If Satan can talk a person into breaking that relationship between them and the Lord, he is the happiest demon. But, not only breaking up that relationship between a human and his Creator, now the demon has an open door for his voice to be heard without any intervention of the Holy Spirit. Got-ya, he says. 

  If God saw it a priority to change the human diet over from being a vegetarian to a meat eater after the fall of man, then we need to take it very serious to follow those guidelines.

  I know there will be some that will read this and start to gorge themselves with “meat.” Please remember that a balance in all things good should be taken seriously. Too much meat is harmful just like gorging yourself with too much of anything concerning food is harmful. Just remember if you are going into a spiritual battle with the enemy make sure you have an ample amount of protein to help you make the right decisions.

The Last Days!

  Remember in the last days the world will mostly change over to being vegetarians. (I Timothy 4 1-6) They will also loose that spiritual battle between themselves and demon temptations because they will turn from being meat eaters to being a vegetarian.

  We often talk about people who will turn from the faith and start to listen to seducing spirits, but we fail to see the reasons why they can’t tell the truth from a lie in the pulpits. The answer is for the most cause is failing to have protein and other vitamins that meat provides.

  When the Bible talks of the last days (which we are in now) we should listen with both ears. In these same words in I Timothy we are given clues to what kind of world this will be and what kind of people will be running it. Not only will there be vegetarians but also liars (which we know of now) who speak hypocrisy in the Churches and at the coffee shops (meaning in public), but their consciences will not any longer bother them when they do something evil. All of this is because we lose the battle against the spiritual world.

  Humans need meat to keep us strong against the evil side of the spiritual world. If we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against evil spirits we need to do everything we can to obey the demands of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  We all know that eastern religions practice vegetarianism, especially the religious leaders. We also know that the religious leaders of those who believed in the Lord Jehovah were the Levites who was demanded to eat a certain potion of the sacrificed meat. I believe this was done to make their spirits strong and more acceptable to the voice of the Lord.

  If God designed the human body (and I believe He did) He designed the body and the spirit to commune with Him and less likely to listen to evil spirits through and with the help of our diet. It is just another test to see if humans would do as He said. Of course we need to have a reason why, and I have just given that to you.


  I know I have just written a short piece on Exorcism, and didn’t give you all the information concerning the Exorcism of your home or property. The reason for this is because there is a place to give you the rest of the information. Since I am not writing a book here on the Web I need to separate certain subjects and teach them in the right order when we come to them.

  There is much more to being a good Exorcist than showing up at someone’s house trying to exorcise demons and not being sure you can do it and leaving partly convinced you will not need to come back.

  Being a good Exorcist is to have the assurance of faith that not only are you going to deliver some poor soul from the clutches of a vile and heartless demonic power, and never have to come back and do it all over again. Or make it look like the name of Jesus Christ nor His blood that He shed on Calvary, was just not enough to make the demons leave.

  Your spiritual diet as well as your physical diet must be intertwined together. To have one right and not the other is like going into battle with one arm tied behind your back.

  I have been in and around exorcisms for many years and what I can tell you is that the Exorcist must have a lot of energy to finish their work. I do not mean you need to eat until you can’t walk to be sure you have enough energy to do your work. If your diet has been as it should be then there is plenty of protein to finish the exorcism and have enough left over to go several more rounds with the enemy.

  I know there will be plenty of hate mail over this because many Christians are vegetarians. More than likely these people have already been seduced by seducing spirits because they failed to have the proper diet.

  The human is made up or created to have a thirst for the Word of God to keep the spirit strong, and the human body was created to use protein in its body to keep it strong. We need all the help we can get to overcome the enemy because we are tempted on every turn.  

  An Example!

  Is there an example in the Word to prove what you say is the truth?
  “Yes,” I just gave it to you.

  But, if you want more there is scripture in I Kings 17:1-6 that Elijah was about to go into battle with those who were demon controlled that God spoke to the ravens to bring him flesh (meat) and provided him with water.

  When trying to judge either yourself or someone else when demons fail to leave a home, your diet means more than you think.

  Remember Elijah had nothing else to eat but meat and water to sustain himself. He had no bread (that came later) vegetables, salad, or even fruits.

  I know what the doctors tell you and I know the nurses shake their heads at you when you are in the hospital with a problem. They all want to blame eating meats as the trigger to your illness, I know all that, but they will have to stand before the Lord and account for their sins or trying to persuade others to be vegetarians causing them to be deceived.

  I am not trying to say the refusal to eat meat is the cause of all our spiritual problems, but it is a reason why we can’t make the right decision when the balances are level, maybe even more so. I do know this, the Lord changed our eating habits from herbs and fruits, to flesh, after man was not able to fight the devil and win. Now we have nothing standing in our way to make the right decision to follow Christ. The spiritual field of judgment is level, and it is going to stay level.

  I wrote several pages on this subject in my book “Unseen Forces,” and if you want to know more about this subject you will need to get the book. (I still need to help the poor and my favorite ministry) I have given you enough that I will not be held accountable, so don’t be lazy.

  This is not the end of this subject. There will be more to it as time and the subject matter
  Candles are found almost everywhere, but there are certain kinds of candles you should be on the lookout for if you are an Exorcist, parent, concerned citizen, Law Enforcement Officer, or a person who is in the paranormal.
​  A candle that may be carved in the form of a human or an animal. A black candle is used among those

Quick Notes !

who are in the Craft. The black candles are used to summons demons to appear or be invoked (put into an object) into something.
​  Candles are also used in spells and incantations as well. They are used to get a witches prayers or wishes answered. The petition is written on paper then left under a candle for the demons. Candles are used in ceremonies of "out of the body experiences," when it is required to kill or discipline someone who is either in the Craft or out of it. Different color candles are for  whatever the desire is that the spell is for. The candles are for banishing or attracting. "Candle Magic" is a serious thing because it always has to do with Unseen Forces of a evil nature. If you catch your children with these types of objects please use the voice of the Lord, and not the voice of panic, anger, or disappointment. I know it will be hard but you can do it.
Firey Red Christian Cross that represents Jesus Christ and His love for your kids.

​What Are My Kids Into?1

Image of The Cross of Jesus Christ that represents His suffering for humanity.
What are my kids into that I don’t know about?
Warning!! Warning!!
Pray before you ENTER.

A succubus is a demon in female form or supernatural entity in folklore (traced back to medieval legend) that appears in dreams and takes the form of a woman in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity. The male counterpart is the incubus. Religious traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death.

An incubus is a Lilin-demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women[1] in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. Salacious tales of incubi and succubus have been told for many centuries in traditional societies. Some traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, mental state, or even death.

Here in this report, are just a few things that you might want to be aware of.
As a person who has had experience working with the youth, I can inform you of a couple of things. Some of these things are in my book Unseen Forces, that you can get by clinking on one of the book images on all of the pages, on this web site.

This subject is the worst I have heard of while working with the youth. My opinion, it equals or supersedes the problem with drugs. The reason I say this, is because parents do not know anything about the subject, and really, they don’t want to know. Once into Witchcraft, the person has no way out. Especially if they are co-hers’d deeper into the Craft.

I was surprised to see teens involved in the act I am about to tell you. Usually this happens to people who are isolated. People who are in prisons, jails of one kind or another, or those involved in witchcraft and Satanism are the ones who experience a personal sexual relationship with these types of devils. Teens being involved with “demons” called “Incubus and Succubus” is a very serious and dangerous matter.

Some of this research you can do for yourself. All you need to do is to search for an Incubus or Succubus at U-Tube, or the World Wide Web (W.W.W.)

However, what I am about to tell you is not a published fact as far as I know.


 Let me explain a little about these devils that seduce our teens. An Incubus is a demon that likes to sleep with young teen girls. “Yes,” I said sleep with young girls.

 Both the Incubus and the Succubus demons require a blood contract between the human and the demon. Both these demons require that the human they make the contract with, never has another partner. If the human should break the contract, that person is in a lot of trouble. The demons can make them sick, or causes the other person they had as a partner, to die, or have a serious accident.

If you think these devils do not exist, or that they are just little demons running around with a small pitchfork, you have a serious awakening coming.

Many Ministers, as well as the public, have no idea what really goes on, or can go on between a human and a demon. Often Ministers misquote the Bible concerning Genesis 6:2 – 6:4. If they want the truth concerning the relationship between a demon and a human in this way, they must ask someone who has been in the lower levels of Witchcraft or Satanism if it is true that a devil or demon can force themselves upon a female human. Either that or talk to an Exorcist who has had to exorcise these devils. It is only then that they can get the real meaning of these scriptures. Many of these individuals are now Christians, and they will not lie to you if you really want to know the truth.


These demon’s like young boys or men to go into a blood (the blood is of course is to come from the human) contract with.
 This sleeping or going to bed with demons, “has become a fad” with the teens of this country. (I can’t speak of other countries)

Demons like this comes from an over desire to have sex, or from being incarcerated for long periods of time. Usually the human feels they can’t control their emotions in this way, and when they can’t, the voices start, then when the desire is strong enough, the demon either manifest itself in a physical form of some sort. Usually the demon appears as a nice young lady, or a tall handsome young man. However, just before contact, the demon shows themselves for what they really are.

Many people here in the United States live in a “wonderland” of disbelief when it comes to knowing how demons work, or tempt us. At one time in this country’s history, Ministers called out satanic activity for what it was, but making fun of Ministers like that, caused Ministers to stop calling a demon for what it was, a demon. Now, there is so much satanic activity within our society, that it is over run with witchcraft,   Satanism, fads that require sleeping with devils, to having to exorcise them from our own homes and property, has become the normal.

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  Quick Notes II
Witches Occupations

  I once had an experience in a hospital that left me confused and a little dazzled. Soon after I thought I might do a little one on one research into the occupation of witches to see where it would take me.
  After a witch finds out you are a Minister, most of them clam up. The trick is to not let them know until you have your information then let them know you are a Christian. Anyway, I learned that people encounter witches all the time without knowing it. Here are just some of the occupations witches are involved in.
  Before I tell you, it is only fair that you see the private lives of some of those who take care of your loved ones, those who cook your meals when you are eating out, or those who have the power to change your life.
  Here are some of the occupations that some witches hold:
 Archaeologist, Cook, Case Manager, Health Technician, Therapist, Mental Health Technician, Government Worker, Teacher, USAF, Nursing Student, Animal Warfare, Mental Health Counselor, Public Media, Mortician, Veterinarian, Law Enforcement Officer, and others I cannot name here. These are legitimate occupations they confessed to having.
Double edge sword used as the Word of God to fight Witchcraft.
Double Edge Sword which represents the Holy Bible Gods Word.

Witchcraft Part I

II Chronicles 33:6
​Galatians 5:19-21

  Witchcraft Part (a little introduction)

  I simply do not know what to say here, and I don’t know to what lengths I should go in explaining this subject. Witchcraft has become the hottest topic among teenagers and young people since the movies came out with Wizards and Witches who made it look like fun and games for the most part.

  I could write volumes of books on the subject, but my time is short. If I were to write many volumes of books on the subject like a friend of mine did, I probably wouldn’t get but one book or two before my presence on this earth would be used up. So, I thought I would use as much information as I could on my Web Site.

  However, I will not disclose on my Web Site what I wrote about witchcraft in my book so you will have to buy the book to get that information, I still need to provide for the poor, and my favorite Ministry.

  Because of the many picture shows, games, television shows, books, and toys, (amongst many other society links to witchcraft) predicting witchcraft as something fun and challenging for our youth, we have an epidemic of possessed kids.

  Possessed kids, I mean our youth who hates authority, (even their parents) who skips schools to play other demon type games, who worship rock groups who has made a deal with Satan themselves for success, to children who curses out their teachers, who smoke or shoot up drugs of all sorts.

  I am so sorry, I haven’t even given you any reasons to think witchcraft is as demonic, as I have written it is.

  Our youths are at the most intelligent time of their lives.
  There is so much to discover, and if there isn’t someone around to explain these things they think we are just paranoid about nothing. Wisdom is something that must grow, and without knowledge it cannot grow.

  This is the reason why Hollywood’s version of witchcraft has made such a profound mark on our youth, as well as many parents.

  Once our youth has experimented with witchcraft, they have a feeling already that it is wrong and therefore must be hidden from their parents. What I have written in my book Unseen Forces and this Web Site will enable you to know many of the signs of witchcraft.

  Like everything else that our youth gets into, it starts out with a little here and a little there. A young person is looking to be different among their friends, and to the whole world. 
  They want most for the world to look and pay attention to them, and witchcraft can do that.

​  I am doing my best to ease into this subject, because when the subject of Witchcraft is opened up entirely you will cease to believe me.

​  Many people who has been into Witchcraft and Satanism has written to me in the short time I have had my Facebook and Web Site running and told me many of the same things concerning their experiences with dealing with demons, Witchcraft, Satanism, and spirits of demon spirits and human spirits.

​  Witchcraft, Satanism, and experimenting with demonic games, boards, music, etc. is NOT all that uncommon among our youth today.

​  One other thing that makes witchcraft so appealing to the youth is “power." “Yes,” I said power.

  You think witchcraft is that real, that it has power?
  “Yes,” I know it is. Satan has to offer something to get humans to turn away from accepting Him into their lives. In the case of Witchcraft it is "power." To a impressionable youth that is a lot.

  Once the youth starts to dabble into witchcraft, they find out quickly that it has power that they never realized. There is one problem with this, and it is gaining more power. To someone who has experienced real power for the very first time, it is human nature to want more of it.

  Witchcraft has different levels of power, and achievements. To go quickly to the chase, when the youth gets tired or bored with the level of power they have, they “will” start to search for more power, and that will lead them to Satanism, the horrible part of raw evil.

   When I started my Facebook, I thought it would be a great tool to get the word out about my book, and at the same time warn parents about witchcraft and their dangers, but Facebook quickly was flooded with witches’ complaints about my posts. From that moment on I was told that I was writing too much on my posts. (there wasn't any complaints until then)Needless to point out that many, many more post than mine had post that were far longer than mine on Facebook. Now that I have my Web Site, I can warn parents and youth alike about the dangers of witchcraft and Satanism. The power they have is not only a spiritual one with demons but in Witchcraft they are a very tightknit organization.

  Yes it does work, because demons are real, and they use people. To put it another way, witches use witches as well.

  When Harry Potter came out, I was amazed to see how close the writer and the producers were to witchcraft. In fact, they weren’t close in many areas, they were dead on. Then came other shows that again made witchcraft look childlike and normal. Even the Disney channel had more than expected shows of witchcraft than expected by many parents. Today no one is standing on the tower as a Watchman and crying "here comes the enemy, watch out."

  Witches do not like witchcraft to be shown for what it really is. Of course, there are some witches that are newbies and will defend witchcraft to their last breath. They still believe it is harmless. However, those who are into the Craft, who are not satisfied with their power, have went deeper into the bowels of witchcraft, and found the power they were looking for

  In witchcraft there is a lot of secrecy. A person can only get ahead in witchcraft if someone takes notice of them. Then they are invited to parties, or witchcraft rites ,where they are shown a deeper side of it to them, but again it is only a little at a time. If the person likes what they see and their sponsor notices it, they are invited to other such rites or parties.

  It appears that female witches are the ones that go to the top of witchcraft before the male witch. Usually there is no more than three to four Queen witches here in America at any one time. How they get to hold this office, you do not want to know.

  There are several ways to gain power within the Craft.

  One way is to learn as much as you can. This doesn’t allow you to have the kind of power witches crave for, but it is a sort of power. A person cannot have the power it takes to win battles this way, but without some knowledge of the Craft, a person can’t expect to go up.

  Another kind of power is obtained by “animal sacrifice.” The power obtained by an animal sacrifice is small, but it is more power than you get by knowing about the Craft. 

  Another kind of power is to kill a human as a sacrifice.     
  Demons always promise power for killing a human. They love to desecrate what God has made.    

Unseen Forces

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Golden worn scrolls with "Curses PtI
Golden Feather quotation mark to the right
Golden Feather that represents how light serving God is.

     Pt I


  You can’t seem to be able to study, you can’t seem to pray for very long, you can’t seem to meditate on God’s word for very long, or you can’t seem to get along with your spouse.

  There are many things that
block you from doing what is important in a Christian life, but you have no idea what it is that keeps you from getting that part of your life accomplished. You want a deeper relationship with your Savior, your spouse, your family, or even have the spiritual gifts you desire, but you don’t know what it is that keeps you from progressing spiritually.

  Then one day you buy a book that opens your understanding of the spiritual world. (I know, I have been there) It seems as if there were some things that you didn’t know, and your Pastor just hasn’t gotten around to speaking on the subject of “CURSES.”

  Many Christians simply do not understand the workings of the spiritual world. How do they think? What are their goals?

  Who and what does these evil spirits hate and why? What do they like? Who do they like to possess? Who do they like to use? What motivates them into going what they do? It’s like the name Satan, the Devil, or any of his names are taboo in the pulpit or among Christians.

  Satan is the most powerful enemy we have other than ourselves and he is not mentioned at all.

  If we can understand these entities, we can better battle against them. Once we begin to win our battles we can start to teach others how to win.

  Curses are very powerful. We need to know how they work and who can use them. I understand there are many more subjects that Christians need to learn other than about curses, but Witchcraft and Satanism is on the rise in these last days. Peoples hearts are growing cold and hard against their fellow man and we need to know what it is that lights this fire.

  If you take in the idea of not only Witchcraft and Satanism in American society, there is also the voodoo version from Louisiana and surrounding areas, the voodoo from Africa, Shamans from Asia, Africa, the US and other parts, witch doctors from England, Africa, India, Nepal and the US, wizards, necromancy, astral magic, and many, many more types of religious beliefs that kill the soul and keeps it from the freedom it desires in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  Many of these demonic traits has come from the other parts of the world in the past, and it continues to do so as we continue to allow the many different religions into the Untied States. Because of this rule.

  America has been weakened by these religions who continue to defile Christianity. These many religious beliefs use some form of “curses,” which use demonic spirits to get their way.
  Hate, and fear is what motivates Satan. What is it that he hates? He hates people getting saved. If people get saved he has no followers, he can’t use them to follow him. Remember he wants to be like God. (Isa. 14:14) He wants humans to get their eyes off Christ and on him. When he doesn’t get his way, he devises some way to punish humans.

  At times curses is his way to get payback.
In a short sentence, we can put it this way, “Satan hates the Cross and the blood of Jesus Christ.” Anything attached to either of these two spiritual benefits, can and will cause him to go into a spiritual demonic fit.

  Any curses sent by Satan or his followers always ends up in sickness, fear, bankruptcy, or even death.

  Some of Satan’s curses is spread by other humans who worship him. The curse itself is the start, the demon who is attached to the curse is the result of the curse working.

Curses is one of the things that Satan uses to destroy humans and keep them from believing in the Cross of Christ.

  We have shown you that Satan wants to be “like God.” (Isa. 14:14) God, in his warnings to humanity told us about His guidelines for our lives, and if we didn’t follow them, the consequence was in many circumstances, a “curse.” (Gen. 3:14,17, and many other places)

  Because Satan wants to be like God, he too has invented his forms of “curses.” The only problem with this, is that he invented his curses to work on humans on the evil side, where God uses curses to warn, and teach humans that, should they disobey, they would hurt themselves and their fellow man.

 Why does God allow Curses?

  You have always heard that Satan cannot do anything without God’s permission (Book of Job). To put it bluntly, “’this is true.”



  Any evil that has been allowed to enter this world is for the sole purpose of “testing.” Without a test to see if a person wants to live an eternity with his Savior and Creator would not be verifiable or creditable to himself nor to his Creator and Savior. Everyone has a chance to prove to himself, if he really wants to live the way his Creator wants him to or not, and the path to evil is the other choice.

In top of that, (Salvation) the Creator has set up rewards in heaven. How does one know if he can be rewarded in the afterlife unless he is tested? Evil had to be allowed to exist to determine who would choose good or bad. Then, on top of all that there had to be a set of rules to go by. (The Holy Bible)

  Satan must follow a set of rules just as we have rules. There are circumstances and times that Satan must go before his Creator and ask permission to do what he wants. (Book of Job)

  I don’t have to worry about curses from witches, Satanist, or even the devil because I am a Christian.
You who are saved are no longer under a curse. If you say that and go no farther, you have deceived yourself.

  The Bible goes a little farther. “Christ hath redeemed us from “the curse of the law.” Being made a curse for us.”

  Who made the curse in the Old Testament? “God.” Of course. The curse we are no longer are under is “the curse of the law.”

  Now, let me give you some other scripture just as important. Did you know that we can die because we failed to know something? My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

  Another scripture is. “They shall teach my people the difference between the holy and the unholy, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean. (Ezekiel 44:23)

  We are teaching you the difference between the “unclean and the clean.”

  We mentioned before the many different types of witchcraft, sorcery, and the like. All these are firm believers in curses and with the many different types of witchcraft and sorceries, is the reason why we are teaching you this subject.

  There are curses put on anything inanimate. This means toys, jewelry, anything manufactured, anything made by a human, humans, animals, property of any kind and many more.

  Who would want to do such a thing? Anyone controlled by Satan or his followers. For what purpose? Revenge, hate, jealousy, or any of those things Satan uses to keep you, your family, or friends from the Cross of Calvary, (Romans 1;29) or who is trying to please the Lord in their walk with Him.

  Just because you stay ignorant of how Satan works, does not mean he can’t touch you.

  I tell this story a lot, but it is a real story of a military soldier. He left to go over-seas away from his family. He was a good Christian father and husband.

  However, when he was away from home, he met an old man on the corner of a small town in what we call a “flea-market.” After a short conversation, the soldier saw a piece of jewelry that he liked and thought he would buy it for his wife.

  A few months later, it was time for him to go home for a routine visit. After he arrived home, he forgot about the item he bought for his wife was still in his duffel bag. However, shortly after arriving home he started to have a high fever that kept getting worse. The doctors couldn’t find out the cause of the fever, and did all they could to get the fever down but nothing worked. The doctors at the VA thought it was something he caught while he was over-seas. His fever begins to worsen to the point he was losing his food, and was getting close to death. While he was still able to talk, he called a friend of his at his base where he was deployed and asked him if there was a weird fever going around at the encampment. His friend hadn’t heard of a fever, but while they were talking his friend asked him if he had taken anything home. After thinking with a high fever, he remembered he had bought a piece of jewelry for his wife. His friend asked him where he bought it, and the soldier told him. His friend remarked that he knew the old man he bought the item from, and that he hated all Americans. It was enough to call the local University and ask for an Anthropologist.

  After the call, the Anthropologist consulted a friend of his, and they decided to go to the soldier’s home since he was bed ridden and see if there was something they could do.

  As soon as the two arrived at the soldiers home they were shown the piece of jewelry. The piece was not a piece of jewelry after all, but rather an image of one of the country’s ancient gods of death.

  It wasn’t long before the soldier’s wife contacted their Minister who claimed the piece had a curse on it. After cleansing it in the name of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long after that, the fever broke.

  I can tell you of the many circumstances with both adults and children of how something like this happened in the past, but unless you realize that Satan is out to destroy and kill all of those who are not his, it would do little good to tell some of the stories.

Golden Arrow with fethers on the tip to represent the swiftness of God's Word
Golden Arrow facing to the left to represent God's Holy Word
  Curses are used to attach demons to things so the unexpected person would be caught unaware. Another circumstance is that an object could have been used in a sacrifice, a spell, a curse, or owned by a witch who invoked spirits into the object just in case someone stole the item from them or they mislaid it, the demon would tell them where the object was. Another circumstance would be that a witch would have passed away and her family didn’t know she was a witch and sold her possessions at a flea market or gave some of the items away.

  We have known many circumstances where things that were infected with demons was distributed out into the public without them knowing it.

  Curses on Property

  Another problem curses cause is the “attraction of demonic entities.”

  Curses always bring to the table spirits both good spirits and bad spirits. If it is a curse that God spoke into existence then they are good spirits making sure the curse is still active and carried out the same way He spoke it. (Gal. 3:10)

  If it is a curse one of Satan’s followers (Spirit or flesh) spoke into existence there are evil spirits that follow the curse to make sure it works as it was spoken.

  How long will a curse last? It will last if the curse is active. There are circumstances along this line that we are not willing to discuss right now. (it belongs in a book)
I have had problems with curses put upon properties, so for now let’s go to this area to thinking. If you apply common sense, this area will provide you with answers you might have.

  Some curses have lasted for thousands of years depending upon how they were issued and who issued them. In one circumstance where I know, was a person who was troubled with a curse on his animals and their home. But, that wasn’t all, the ground would not grow anything, not even grass enough to feed their livestock.

  Unaware of this problem when they bought the land, they were about to sell their home in a great financial loss.

  Unaware that a large tribe of American Indians with a powerful “medicine man” used to live for some time. The owners spent all they had to get moved in and buy the home. Some state laws do not require Real Estate Agents to disclose any incidents concerning deaths on property, or the property’s history, so they had no idea that the curse on the land was there. It probably would have made no difference because people just do not want to believe in the things of the supernatural or paranormal.

  However, that may be, states should incorporate a bill with a “must disclose” policy concerning all things concerning the land that would affect the owners for a certain period.

  One Last Curse!

  There is one type of curse that most people never think about, and that is possessing the “unclean thing.”

  Can’t seem to fight off those demons that inhabit your home or your property? I have written several pieces concerning this subject, but here is yet another one that needs to have attention.

  In Joshua chapter seven there is an example of some of God’s people doing what they were told not to do.

  They were about to go to war, but before they did God promised to fight their battle for them, all they had to do was do what they were told.

  The one thing they were told to do was to “not touch or take anything from the ungodly people they were about to go to war with.”

​  What are accursed things?

  Things that belong to those who defy the Lord.

  Included are the things of those who know there is a God, and knows there is a plan for their lives, but deny all that He is willing to give. (The Canaanites and the Amorites) You can apply this to today without me saying anything.

  The unclean things are those things that are worldly which causes humans to either follow into sin or cause them to go deeper into it. These are the things that Satan uses to trap people, and the things that demons are invoked into them.

  Many Christians and unbelievers alike do not realize that a curse has been put on these things by God.

  Neither do they realize that the curse follows them into their homes and friends. (Joshua Chapter 6:18)

  Reading these chapters carefully will also make it clear that an unbeliever who picks up or takes a cursed thing, becomes cursed themselves. (if you are an unbeliever you already have a curse) It is no small wonder why unwanted spirits can’t be exorcised from a house or property. If a home has unclean or cursed things in it, or the exorcist has cursed things themselves, they are operating under a curse. If an exorcist tries to exorcise unwanted spirits from a home, the spirits are not going to want to go with things they are attached too. If they do go, it is only a tactical move and they will be back.

What is even worse, is the problem of what I call “spreading the curse.” When a person takes a cursed thing, and they go into war (or not) they are accountable for more deaths than they realize. (Joshua 7:12) Curses always causes more fatalities than you realize.

  Achan had no idea that his taking of a cursed thing would cause 36 other men’s deaths who were innocent of anything causing a death sentence. We are ignorant of how many other people are hurt, or even die, because we want to think we are only hurting ourselves when we sin. Some sins carry a curse. We are not cursed because Christ died to take what curses were on us by becoming a curse Himself, but we can carry curses around with us. If we can carry curses around with us without knowing it then we can give others curses without knowing it.

  If you buy or are given something that has a curse attached to it, you are carrying a cursed object into your house where you and your friends or family live. How long has it been since you anointed your house or home? I get a small chuckle when Christians eat at a restraint and fail to ask a blessing on their food.

  When I tell them that the person who just prepared their food is a witch, they almost faint. It is the same thing with a curse. A person bought a three-legged bowl at a flea market and took it home. When a friend visited them, he noticed the bowl and asked his host what he was doing with a caldron. (a bowl for witches)

  I encourage you to always be aware of your surroundings when you go out into the public. Always ask questions about something you buy or even a gift, and when you ask questions, always watch the face of the one you are buying from. Above all, listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit.

  Note: Some of the subjects are in my book “Unseen Forces.”

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