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    The  Alien  Agenda​​

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  Alien Agenda

  This portion of understanding a small nugget of the “Alien Agenda,” is NOT some kind of fantasy to be taken with a grain of salt and then move on.
It is to be taken seriously, and with a lot of “what if” scenarios.

  I don’t know if any of you realize it, but we have just gone through a vast change on our society’s way of thinking. At one time, not too far back (1996?) we could not even speak of UFO’s or the Alien agenda in public without being scoffed at, ridiculed, almost to the point of having you thrown into some out of the way “mental institution.”

  Now, however we have television shows of all types, talking and exploring the paranormal, which includes the subject of UFO’s, Aliens, and Abductions.
  In fact, we have gone farther down the subject line than that. We have included subjects such as, war with several types of aliens, the belief they have been here from the beginning of humanity, the belief they are our creators, to many more subjects.

  The only place the subject of aliens or ufo’s is not mentioned, is in the “pulpit.”

  “But there isn’t any scripture that mention UFO’s or Aliens.”

  “No, there isn’t, directly, but we do have some scripture, which speak of the “End Times” that may speak of them indirectly, depending on how you view the end times and the present day.

  In this subject we will not be able to discuss it, and have a closed mind. The reason why I say this, is if we view it as the government does, which says “we ignore all the ufo sightings reported, or we think the ufo sightings are from a bucket full of wrenches dropped out of a balloon at ten thousand feet is the reason for the shiny objects in the air.” Or, you saw a leakage of swamp gas floating around.

  If we can’t use the many millions eyewitness accounts, who saw the exact same thing and described it the exact same way for evidence, then we should never write this report, and you should not read it.

  Our government either believes the public is a bunch of new born children that cannot be told the truth, because we can’t handle it, and the government is the parent of us all, who will decide if the information is too scary or we couldn’t understand it.
  Or, the government in these offices are nothing but power-hungry liars who think they cannot exist, except they keep secrets from us. Or, they are saying we can’t handle the truth because they want more money from Congress, and the only way they can do it is to lie to Congress about them being the same childlike thinking as the public.

  Personally, I don’t think they have many more secrets than what has been put into movies about UFO’s and Aliens.

  Does our government want us to think we would believe these aliens are really our Creator’s? “Is that what the aliens have been telling them?” If you want to believe a liar, instead of the Holy Bible, then let’s have it.

  It is time that Christians have their faith tested anyway. If they want to depart from the “faith,” then so be it.

  Science once said the earth was the only inhabited planet in our solar system. Now, all that has been changed, and no one freaked out.

  We were told that the earth was 4 billion years old, but now we are told that it is much older than that, and no one flipped their lids.

  As science progresses, things will change. The problem is, is to admit it.

  The Alien and UFO agenda is also progressing, except in our government where the space ship in the 1940’s are still balloons, glue, and test dummies.

  Fact is, we have been lied to so much about UFO’s and Aliens that the public believes they can’t believe the government about anything, that the whole word “government” should be re-written. Today other governments in other countries are starting to let some of their information go public about UFO’s and Aliens, and that is making the US government look awful stupid instead of being secretive because of their tender feelings for their citizens.

  When we discuss UFO’s and the Alien agenda we need to ask a lot of questions. “Yes,” questions, and a lot of them from a spiritual aspect of which, not many ask because they are not spiritually reborn. So, we have two types of questions from two types of people.

  1.     The questions that come from a Christian is going to be a lot different from the other type of person because the Christian’s spirit has been rebirthed by the ultimate of spirits The Holy Spirit.

  Not many think this important, but it must be if the Christian is a spiritual being that has had their spirits resurrected from a dead one. Who says that these entities are spirits? I will answer that a little later.

  2.     The other person who will ask a lot of questions is the person who has not been touched by the ultimate of spirits, The Holy Spirit. Their questions will be totally different and will lead in a different direction altogether. However, their questions must be answered as well. The only problem with this is that the answers will conflict.

  Because I am a Christian, and have been so, for quite some time, you will find out quickly that I will not be able to ask the same questions a non-Christian will ask. However, I totally believe that both the questions and the answers will be some different even at that.
  Questions like: Who are they, what are they, where did they come from, what do they want, why do they abduct humans, why do they kill and harvest reproduction glands from animals, why don’t they offer cures for cancer and other dangerous diseases, why are they giving us only technical information, why is it that they don’t speak but instead talk to us mentally?

  Other questions might include: why do they have such large dark eyes, why is it that they never take things to eat, why is it that their craft never causes so much as a speckle of dust when their craft goes into the ground, why don’t their craft stir just the smallest of ripples of water when they go into a small lake or ocean, why is it that we can’t kill any of them, why do they show their strength by interfere with our nuke weapons, why do they want to interbreed with humans, will we end up in a war against these entities that we don’t know anything about, why is it that most of abductees are non-Christians? What is it about the experiments on humans? Humans have been probed so many times by aliens that they should have a record a mile high on our human bodies.

  Some researchers think the amount of abductees range in the number of tens of millions. It does not take that many abductees to learn about the human body, there is something else going on with them causing so much pain and the infringements upon our rights as a human.

  The list of questions goes on for miles, and many will never be answered.

  In scripture we have a lot of verses that offer different ideas as to who or what will happen in the end-times. We have the scripture to read and only those who will live in the end days will be able to understand the meat of the end time scripture.

  I believe we might be able to give some insights to the end-times prophecy using what we now know about the creatures we call “aliens.”

  Most, if not all prophecies can allow the Alien Agenda to be substituted in the place of another human as the “Antichrist.” In fact, it would better fit the prophecies to use an “alien” in the place of a human. A superior race would better fit the agenda.

  Alien Invasion and The Antichrist!
  If we assume the “Antichrist” will be a human, he will need to be a super human that has all the makings of a genius in war, economics, and government.

  However, we know through the scripture and history that Satan can disguise himself as a man, and change into any form he wishes. Even within Witchcraft and Satanism the reports from dedicated Christians, that he does this same thing during, and after a human sacrifice. It is not unusual for Satan to appear in front of the masses during a sacrifice as a nice, well dressed, handsome man who then, soon turns to the hideous beast that he really is.

  Satan can not only possess a human, but also appear as a human, he can make himself look, smell, think, act, and feel like a human.

  To this, I call your attention to the “Alien,” who is reported to do the very same thing. Reports that an “alien” can appear in one moment as an alien, and the next moment as a puff of air, or a beast, or a human knocking on the door of a person who saw an alien or craft, telling them not to mention the incident to anyone.

  Is this just one of the reasons why “Aliens” are often operating on abductees? Is it because they want to be able to disguise themselves as a human in any way they can, including fingerprints, facial recognition, and even our own individual DNA.

  If then, the “Alien” can assume the identity of a person, they can assume the identity of the “Antichrist.” A Christian must be aware of any scenario when it comes to the deception of the “devil or the antichrist,” especially in the end times. The overwhelming report of alien abductions and ufo sightings can’t be ignored, no matter if our own government wants us to be ignorant of the issues. This “Alien Agenda” of secrecy will come back to bite them, and cause this country to be taken over by unknown forces that has more power than they realize.

  If (and I believe they certainly do) our government is playing patsy with aliens, thinking they know all there is to know about them, they will be sadly mistaken. I personally heard a man who claimed to work with aliens talk about their behavior. He was convinced that everything he heard them say was a total lie, and that it was difficult for him or others to know when or if they ever told the truth.
  Because of Daniel 9, many people believe that the “antichrist” will come out of Europe. That does not hurt the idea or theory that an alien can’t be the antichrist, if they do have the ability to change forms. We must remember that the antichrist will have the ability to “deceive” the masses, even the elect or faithful knowledgeable Christians. We already know that the antichrist will be able to work wonders.

  Antichrist the Wonder Worker 
  We also know that the antichrist will be able to work wonders and false miracles. (Matthew 24:24)

  Because he can work miracles, he will be able to deceive others by his false doctrines. Who else would be able to do such a thing but an alien who already believes and tells those whom they abduct, that Jesus is not the Christ.

  In Matthew chapter twenty-four, we are given a list of things the antichrist can do as well as giving us the signs of the end days. I will not try to list one by one and explain how they can relate to an alien antichrist.

  The “Antichrist” will suffer a deadly head wound, but for some reason the head wound is healed.

  If aliens can change forms and they are highly advanced in other things such as aeronautics, health, and other areas, why couldn’t they heal a severe head wound?

  I remember Hitler, and how many times he survived many attempted assassinations and injuries all because he had Satan looking out for him.

  For whatever reason the antichrist received his head wound, the Devil will also be looking out for him as well. These miracles will draw people to his favor. The head wound not only will need to be healed but the antichrist will need to “look” as he did before the injury.

  There are reports of women being abducted by aliens who was pregnant with child. When the aliens were through with them, the evidence of the woman being with child had vanished. The same doctor who treated these women for pregnancy could not tell they were ever pregnant. If the aliens can do that, then they can heal a severe head wound as if it never happened.

  The Planets
  We also know there will be a change in the earth, the sun, (Matt: 24:29) the moon, (Matt: 24:29) and the heavens. (Matt: 24:29)

  Will these changes come from God directly, or will aliens who are far more advanced than us cause the moon to not give her light? We already know that according to several of the astronauts who went around on the back side of the moon that things like a ufo, to different color lights, and objects that we can’t identify is there.

  In other words, someone has been on the back side of the moon for quite some time. Ever wonder why we never go back to the moon?

  We also know that the sun will be darkened. If you know what this means then I don’t have to tell you that things like very large space ships have been seen drawing nitrogen from the sun.

  The entire United States will be caught unaware of the “Alien Agenda,” because of the secrecy of our government. There will be a panic like you have never seen when the entity starts to claim they really are our creator.

  I remember seeing on the Science Channel right after we sent the new telescope out into space. They found a planet that disappears and reappears at will. The scientist hasn’t any answers for that disappearing act.

  This is the first planet to ever behave this way, and the only thing they can say is “we don’t know, it looks like it is under intelligent behavior.” Then the scientist starts to give a weird explanation for the planet disappearing.

  If a part of this diagnosis is true, then it would not be hard for some future race conjured up by the devil to control the planets by permission from their Creator.

After all Satan is “full of wisdom.” (Ezekiel: 28:12)
If you want to see an example of Satan or the Devil appearing as a human, read these verses in Ezekiel 28.
Aliens our Creators?

  One thing that will be able to deceive so many who are partying and hurrying throughout their day is the statement that aliens are our creators.

  This one lie will change humanity forever. If the alien can prove they have been here since the foundation of the earth, it will not take a lot to convince the people of the earth that they are our creators. Talking about deceiving the very elect. If the Alien Agenda can do that they can convince us that we have been wrong in our doctrine of the Holy Bible. Giving us another doctrine with another Jesus will not be that hard. Only those who are firmly grounded will not believe them.

  If we are convinced they are our creators then it would be only logical to be in obedience to them. If we become obedient to them then they will be able to do with us whatever they want. The human slavery will return as the so-called Anunnaki who was supposed to return from the stars, which forces humans to dig for precious metals for them in the past. This was foretold in ancient tribal legends from the American Indian.

  Not only does the alien profess to not believe that Jesus is the Christ, but they also state in so many words that they are our creators. This alone is enough to start a vicious war between the two races (if you want to call them that).

  Another Jesus
  If we truly believe these aliens are our creators, and they bring to us another way to live, it would mean that most of the Ten Commandments would be nullified causing our hearts to grow cold (Matt: 24: 12) towards one another. If another way to live was to cross our bow and our conscience was to accept the new rules, then sin as we know it today would increase drastically. What we would have is a new Jesus with a new gospel.

  The new “Jesus with a new Gospel would certainly bring in “false doctrines, false teachers, false prophets,” and the “Days of Noah” would return. (Matt: 24:37)

  Once the Holy Bible has been butchered or taken out altogether then the conscience of man will certainly grow cold along with our way of dealing with each other. (Matt: 24: 9,10,11,)

  Because of another Jesus and another gospel exist hearts will grow cold, then war breaks out between all nations.

  One thing that has kept America out of many wars is the “unwritten code,” of “they have to shoot first.” This is because our leaders want to make certain that we will not be judged by our God and our Savior for causing deaths un-needlessly. We have almost always waited to see if diplomatic solutions would work before war started. I am sorry to say that many other nations are not like that.

  Because of another Jesus and another gospel preached and taught by false doctrines, false prophets and false teachers, our children will be disobedient to their parents. Of course, we don’t need for aliens to take over this world for that to happen, it is already here.

  The bottom line is that the aliens we know of today has the power to do whatever it is they want to do to us and this earth. They are capable of working miracles and all sorts of wonders.

  I have often wondered why (if they are our creators or if they had a decent heart) don’t they give to us the cure for cancer or other destructible diseases.

 While writing this message for my web site, I believe I might have found the answer.

  Waiting until they begin to take over this planet, they make the claim they are really our creators, then they give the cure to cancer and other diseases so they can prove they know much more about our human bodies than we ever have. If they give us a cure they can show how compassionate they are as our creators.

  Also by giving us the cure to our diseases they can keep us healthy to do their work or heavy labor for them, but this would need to be timed just right in the scheme of their plans.

  There is much more to be said about this scenario of the “Alien Agenda.”

Stay tuned in to get the updates as they occur.

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 The Battleground

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  The Battleground

  Most people never ask the question, “Why does Satan hate me so much.” There is an answer to the question, but in answering it we need to do two things.

  1.     We will need to involve not only the Holy Bible but also another religious book called “The Book of Enoch.”

  2.     We do not really need this second item to describe the reason why Satan hates humans, but it will explain a lot of things about UFO’s and the Alien Agenda. So, we will add this second item to the list to explain why Aliens abduct people, and why they experiment on us.

  We are told that some of the Book of Enoch could have been written by Enoch, and some of it wasn’t. If the Book of Enoch was written by a spirit filled, faith believing person who the Lord could use, then what makes the difference. As I read this book it constantly says that Enoch wrote this, or Enoch did that, so whoever wrote it, knew firsthand what happened.

  Before we get into the subject, you first need to realize another argument of belief among what the spirits can do, and what they can’t. Some scholars say that spirits can’t have children because they have no reproduction organs. Some say they can because of what the Bible says in Genesis 6:2 and 6:4.

  Personally, I believe the second belief, that angels or whatever it is that you want to call them certainly can have sex with women. I have had too many circumstances concerning evil spirits, and cases of rape or forcible sex with spirits that come from both men and women. I do not believe that all of them are that good of a liar. Nor do I believe that those who tell of witchcraft or coven meetings where spirits have sex with women is a lie.

  What does all of this have to do with, “Why does Satan hate humans?”

  I am about to start with that problem right now.

  In the “Book of Enoch,” after Noah was born and the earth was greatly populated, that many of the angels left their place in heaven and came to earth. After arriving here, they started to teach men the most secret things that should never have been taught from heaven. The suggestions in the book of Enoch, was what we now call “witchcraft.” This information was never intended for humans to know. After this was done, the same angels came down and had sex with women. (Enoch Ch. 6-8)

  Here we need to remember that Satan tempted Eve in the form of a snake or something that slithers on the ground.

  In the Book of Enoch, we are told that the angels (now demons) that came down from heaven and had sex with earthly women could “change forms” as well, and change they did. They changed into men. (16.1)

  Here is where sin started with the angels. Because of these acts, the Lord put them under a curse and a judgment to last forever. The judgement was so terrible that the angels who sinned began to tremble and shake. It was then that they thought of getting together and write out a petition and give it to Enoch to deliver to the Lord pleading for mercy. The Lord rejected the plea. (12.6)

  However, when Enoch begin to write out their petition near the river Dan, he fell asleep. In a dream this is what the Lord told Enoch.

  The Lord told Enoch that He knew what they wanted. They wanted everlasting life, but they would never get it. They wanted mercy, but they were not to get it either.

  It was in these verses of rebuke that the Lord tells the angels that when they laid with the earthly women that they became unclean and therefore were married to them. Since they wanted to leave heaven where eternal life was offered to them, they now would be destroyed as sinful humans, in a lake of fire.

  Because of this sin with earthly women, giants were born, and the first words of “evil spirits” were started.

  The giants would be called “evil spirits.” (15.8) Now, because the giants were part spirits, the Watchers (angels) who sinned with the women and started all the rebellious evil, their spirits would be now called “Evil Spirits.” (15.8-15.12)
  The evil spirits today, who we fight and attack us, is from the spirits of the giants. (15.11 and 15.12) This is the reason why many times when demons appear to humans they are very large.

  The petition Enoch was to give to the Lord mentioned the angels or Watchers children many times. (33) The angels who sinned wanted the Lord to forgive their children and show them mercy, but He refused. It was children from the earthly women that the angels wanted in the first place, and they were willing to sin against their Creator to get them. (6.2)

  Bringing it Together

  To put this information together we need to understand that there is a lot of things we do not know about. We must use the information we have if that information is reliable.

  Satan has a hatred for all humans because the Lord refused him mercy when he sinned, yet we as humans have a precious gift called “Grace” that no other creature is allowed, not even the angels. Grace is something that we take for granite because we have never had to live on the other side of it.

  I would imagine, not a day or moment goes by that the judgment the Lord gave to him does not enter his mind, to reflect on. He knows the truth of it all because he is where it is the most real, he takes “nothing” by faith.

  The reflection of not only himself and the many others who sinned with him is reflected upon his memory but also the judgment of his children.

  Now, knowing all of this, it might be possible for him with his powers and knowledge from the heavens, (the secret or forbidden knowledge) that there could possibly be a way to get what he wants.

  “What if,” I (says Satan) were to somehow get a human that wasn’t part evil spirit, yet be a part of me as one of my own children? If I (says Satan) could invent some way to have my own children to the point they would be my own legal children, God would have to forgive my other children who sinned, and show grace to them as well. Then, if He would show grace to my invented or created children, then He would have to show me and my followers grace as well.

  Now people, I am not sure exactly how this fits together, but it is awful close. If aliens are somehow either made by Satan, or they are evil spirits in some sort of flesh who are in the image of aliens who want to devise a way to achieve Grace from the Lord for what they have done, it is sure a deceptional way to get it. The scheme may be more complicated than this, but there is a sensible madness to it.

  Could it be that we have just seen what the Alien Agenda is all about? Is it what the aliens are doing with so many abductions? But, that is just one side of it. He (Satan) and his followers, are mad and jealous because God has shown more favoritism to humans, who came last, and has left all the angels to live not by faith, but by sight. Most of us have a problem with parents showing favoritism to the firstborn in our family, so why wouldn’t Satan be mad or jealous.
  We all know that Satan and his followers want to be “like God.” (Isaiah 14:13,14)

  He wants to be worshipped most of all, that is why he will seat himself in the Tabernacle as the Antichrist. If he wants to be like God, he wants to create, and by using a human and a spirit to create one of his children, he will have accomplished that. If he can tell all humans he is our Creator, by posing as an alien and claiming he is the human creator, then he is not above lying, or deception.

  Aliens who are trying to make hybrids from humans not because they want a new species, but because they want children who can be forgiven their sins is more to the target. To create them children from humans to receive forgiveness so Satan can throw it back into the face of God about Satan’s seed never getting forgiveness might be more closely to the truth. What better way to accomplish the task?          

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