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    Unseen Forces by Robert Cauley will teach you how to put on the Whole Armour of God when fighting the Paranormal that invades your lives. No other book like it today.​​​​
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New! I have written a new piece called "Curses." It discusses how Christians and non-believers alike can carry around items that have a curse on them without knowing it. Also how owning an unclean item can cause deaths and destruction. All with scripture. Check it out on the "Exorcising Spirits Page!!!!!!!!!
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   So you want to know about me. Well, I don't feel very comfortable talking about myself. However, if you want to know some things I will tell you the best way I can.

​  No person wants everyone to know how they failed, so we can just leave that out. What you can do is to know this person has failed, and failed a bushel full. I love Christ and I love Him a lot, so I am grateful He offered me eternal forgivness and I grabbed at it as fast as I could.

  I started in the Ministry back probably before you was born. (1979) I was licensed in the same year.

  I was born in 1943 in Texas.
​  While I was in the Ministry of the Gospel I decided to let the Lord use me as He saw fit. I was an Evangelist, Sunday School Teacher, Assistant Pastor, Children's Pastor, Exorcist, and  Counselor. 

​  I traveled all over the United States preaching the Gospel and getting ready for whatever it was that the Lord Jesus Christ wanted to use me in next.

​  I was injured in 1999 which left me disabled and unable to stand for any length of time. My injuries began to worsen in 2002, I was forced to quit ministering in the Church. Although I fully believe the Lord heals today, He hasn't done so to me, to this date. 

​  Still having the desire to minister, the Lord called me to the World Wide Web, and writing Books that will help those who are in need to set the captives free of the bondages of FEAR.

​  While being used of the Lord, I had the desire to help those in need of Paranormal problems. The compassion of seeing those who were suffering in bondage because they couldn't live in the home or property they worked so hard to get and keep was more than I could bare. Experiencing many children being punished sometimes worse than you can imagine for telling their ignorant parents they were seeing things under their bed, in their closet, in the corners of their room, and playing with an unseen person that the child could see and the parents couldn't, broke my heart. Even the thought of it is more than I want to deal with.

​  So, I started to write books, both nonfiction (fantasy) and fiction to make parents and children aware of the Unseen Forces that are a reality in our lives today.

  Sometime in 2004 my wife and I had our first ufo sightings in Washington State. From the experience we had on that day was enough to get me to thinking about how much these entities had in common with demonic forces.
​  Then sometime in 2009 we saw our second UFO over downtown Albuquerque. That experience left me experiencing fear like I had never had.
  That experience left me with questions that I didn't have answers for so I began to search out answers that made some kind of sense.

  Because my days of Ministering and being used as a helper in Exorcisms, and later as an Exorcist were over my compassion to help others in need with what experience and knowledge I have, I tried to help others where ever and how ever I can until the Lord calls me home.

​  We are in high hopes that what we have to offer, it will either set you free, or it will keep you free. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you. We are in hopes that your faith always stands strong always.

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