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 Put on the whole Armor of GOD        Ephesians 6:11

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The Story Begins...

    Unseen Forces by Robert Cauley will teach you how to put on the Whole Armour of God when fighting the Paranormal that invades your lives. No other book like it today.​​​​
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New! I have written a new piece called "Curses." It discusses how Christians and non-believers alike can carry around items that have a curse on them without knowing it. Also how owning an unclean item can cause deaths and destruction. All with scripture. Check it out on the "Exorcising Spirits Page!!!!!!!!!
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Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you.   James 4:7

The enemy

And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.  II Timothy 2:26

It has been my vision to teach those who are held in bondage by the devil through the Paranormal entities in home, property, things, and self. To set them free of "Fear" in their own homes, of evil spirits, unwanted spirits, and demons.
It is only through my books, of non-fiction or fiction, that I can teach the multitude of those who are in bondage. To set as many free as I can isn't enough, they must learn how to stay free, then go and set others free. You can't do that unless you have the knowledge.
My book Unseen Forces will start you on that path.

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the heroes

Who are the Hero's
People like you, who can put on the armour of God and go out fighting the enemy with the Sword of God.
Fighting the Paranormal isn't easy. Who will they who are in bondage from evil entities call on?
You are the Hero's who will have the faith to fight instead of calling upon others.
Small double edge sword show atten to James
Double edge sword to get attention to Carol
Fantasy double edge sword to get attention to Joseph

James, the one with little faith.

Carol, who wanted to serve.

Joseph, who failed to ask someone else to do it.

Roman soldier with armour and shield the demon fighter
Early Roman Soldier with sword the witch hunter
Winged Roman soldier with spear the Priest
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Take the fight to the Enemy
Read your Bible and Pray
Then read Unseen Forces

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Understanding the Paranormal
   James went out to a call from a farmer,. after the farmer called in the Vet to see why his two fine horses stopped eating without any reason. After the Vet examined the animals, then took blood test but could find no problems, he then examined the food and hay, still no problems. James asked if he could look around.
  After James looked for all the natural things in the spirit realm, he noticed a weird little pot made of small stone pottery with only three legs. The farmers wife had bought it to make their new barn look unique. James took the bowl to a friend who was also an Exorcist to see if he could tell him something about the three legged bowl.
  The bowl was an instrument that Witches used to grind up their roots, herbs, leaves and etc. The normal thing for a Witch to do would be to invoke spirits into the bowl so the spells or incantations would work better. 
  After James exorcised the spirits from the bowl and moved it out of the barn, the horses begin to eat again. (A little faith goes a long way.
Roman type warrior with armor with little faith
Roman Warrior who seeks after evil spirits himself
  Joseph just couldn't get two evil spirits to leave a home. Everything he did just did not work for long. He finally turned to a friend of his to get the answer. 
  His friend who lived in another state next to his told him the problem of the spirits refusing to leave was because he failed to ask forgivness of his own sins before going into Battle.
  Joseph didn't think he could go through the Exorcism again, and asked his friend if he would come and exorcise the home for him. His friend submitted to his invitation and started the drive toward the home.
  While Joseph waited, he noticed the home owners were suffering a great deal. Fear had gripped their lives, and it looked as if they didn't have another moment to bear it all. Feeling their greef Joseph decided to exorcise the home after spending some time repenting before the Lord. Joseph's compassion drove him not to wait.
  Will you wait until it is too late, or are you going to get educated today by reading my book Unseen Forces?
Mid-evil warrior with sword brave enough to destroy demons
  Carol lived in a city that had problems with graffiti and gangs. She went to work day after day taking the drawings for granite. One day she saw a small group of people hanging around a building that had graffiti drawn on the side.
  After she arrived at work she asked everyone she could about the gangs and the drawings. No one knew anything because they just wanted to be left alone draw their checks and live a peaceful life.
  While at lunch break she approached a Christian and asked her if there was any connection, and if so what was it.
  ​Her Christian friend told her that in her neighborhood the drawings represented a gangs turf or territory. If the drawings had eyes somewhere in the drawings or off to the side, it means that demons had been issued to the drawings (the eyes) to report any other gangs infringements upon someone elses territory. Then after a couple of days the gang brings their witch by the drawings , she then conjures up the demons to give her a report.​​
  The gang that thinks they have been violated because another gang has been in their territory takes violent acts out on the other gang. The gang that suffers the violence believes someone snitched on their own kind.

  You can't fight a battle you can't see or you don't know it exist.

​  Read your Bible to be informed. Then read my book Unseen Forces by Robert Cauley to stay informed on the Battle of today.

Please check out "Exorcising Spirits" page for many more subjects!

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